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The AsTeRICS Academy project was implemented from Sept. 2013 to Aug. 2016 by the Department of Embedded Systems in cooperation with the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Health & Sports Engineering, the Center for International Relations and the Technikum Academy of the  University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Technikum Wien. The AsTeRICS Academy was supported by the City of Vienna (MA23) under grant number 14-02.

Since Sept. 2017, many of the technological developments which have been started in course of the AsTeRICS Academy are continued in the ToRaDes Project, which is funded by the City of Vienna (MA23) under grant number 18-04. Furthermore, the AsTeRICS Foundation has be founded in Feb. 2017 as a non-profit organisation devoted to Open Source Assistive Technology, so that these endeavors became independet from time-limited project funding.

The AsTeRICS Foundation exists in synergetic cooperation with the UAS Technikum Wien, providing for example construction sets and FLOSS software and hardware plans for application in academic teaching. In particular, the following departments and centers of the UAS Technikum Wien are closely related to the AsTeRICS Foundation:


UAS Technikum Wien - Department of Embedded Systems

The Department of Embedded Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien serves as bridge between computer science and electronic engineering. Research and teaching activities focus on all practical aspects of embedded systems design and verification at an internationally competitive level. The research and development topics cover domains like automotive electronics, test and diagnosis, model checking, embedded control & navigation, ambient assistive technologies and range from modelling over hardware/software architectures up to FPGA and ASIC design.

UAS Technikum Wien - Department of Biomedical Engineering, Health & Sports Engineering

The Department of Biomedical Engineering, Health & Sports Engineering at the UAS Technikum Wien contains different areas of expertise: medical engineering, biomedical computer science, biomechanics, sports and rehabilitation technology. Within the department the project topics range from traditional medical engineering (such as mechanical ventilation technology and sensor systems) to the field of eHealth (for example, the eCard and electronic health records) as well as prosthetics and neuroprosthetics. Based on applied science with numerous industry partners, the department is coordinating the study of 7 bachelor's and 5 master's degree programs.

UAS Technikum Wien - Center for International Relations (CIR)

The Center for International Relations promotes the internationalization of UAS Technikum Wien and is both a point of contact and a hub for issues related to the mobility of students and instructors. The Center for International Relations offers support in the realization of student exchanges, internships abroad and other types of exchanges. The center's range of services also includes assistance with the procurement of financial aid and extensive services for foreign students and instructors.

UAS Technikum Wien - Academy

The Technikum Wien Academy has provided practically oriented education since 2005. As the LLL Academy works closely with economic partners on the conception of training programs, the content of teaching reflects the qualifications needed by the today’s companies. The training program focuses on further education for technical employees and includes management skills, language and leadership competences as well as Web 2.0 know-how.

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