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Topics and Material

Here you can find material and information about the modules held at the Summer School for Assistive Technology. We provide slides from our guest lectures and from the AsTeRICS Academy, as well as some useful links.

Modules Summer School

Material and Information

Introduction to the topic by AsTeRICS Academy Team

Opening and Lab Tour, Assistive Technology Introduction and Tools

Assistive Technology Introduction Slides

Web accessibility

Basics and evaluation of Web accessibility - by Abou Shadi Zhara (W3C)

Model based Assistive Technology - by AsTeRICS Academy Team

Introduction of AsTeRICS system, Installation and first practical models 

Web Accessibility Slides


AsTeRICS overview Slides

AsTeRICS Hands on Slides

DIY Assistive Tools in Minutes - by Therese Willkomm

Presentation of Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes

Practical workshop: Creating AT-Switches

Therese Willkomm - The MacGyver of AT

Assistive Technology at NH Institute on Disability

YouTube channel ATinNH AT-solutions in minutes and in a cost effective way 

Model based Assistive Technology - practical - by AsTeRICS Academy Team

Practical work with Microcontrollers: Arduino-based affordable AT-solutions

Practical work with Biosignals: EMG, ECG, EEG - Bioelectric signals for AT-solutions

Microcontroller Basics Slides

Bioelectric Signals Slides

Signal Processing Slides

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) - by Nina Fröhlich

Introduction to AAC tools

AAC and the iPad: presentation and hands-on Demo

AAC and the iPad Slides

Game Accessibility - by Gerhard Nussbaum

Games Accessibility Slides

Examples of Assistive Technology in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Shonaquip/Uhambo - by Doug Taylor

Signs of Hope Trust Zimbabwe - by Samantha Sibanda

Shonaquip/Uhambo Slides

Signs of Hope Trust Slides


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