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The AsTeRICS framework

The Assistive Technology Rapid Integration & Construction Set (AsTeRICS) is an Open Source framework for efficient development of end-user ready assistive solutions. Via a graphical editor, sensor- and actuator modules can be combined to define a desired assistive functionality, involving for example eye- or facetracking, bioelectric signal processing or environmental control systems. Thus, solutions can be easily configured to end-user needs, even directly at the user site.

The AsTeRICS system has been developed togehter with 8 partner institutions in course of a 3-years R&D-project which was partly funded by the European commission (see: AsTeRICS Project Homepage). The Department of Embedded Systems of the UAS Technikum Wien was responisble for the Technical Management of the project, and our parnters at KI-I managed the project coordination.

This picture shows a screenshot from the AsTeRICS Configuration Suite

In the AsTeRICS Configuration Suite (ACS) building blocks are used for graphical programming (courtesy of KI-I)


The AsTeRICS system consists of a graphical editor (the ACS) for model design and a runtime system (which executes the models). Furthermore, user- and developer guides are part of the AsTeRICS system, as well as a set of demo models for possible applications and a creation wizard for new functional blocks (plugins).


Try out the collection of demos on our demo page.


 Webinar about AsTeRICS and model creation


The current version of the AsTeRICS system can be downloaded as complete setup (installer .exe) for Windows (all versions) or as source code package containg the source files for development via following link: AsTeRICS release download


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