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User Workshop

In the AsTeRICS Academy User Workshop the AsTeRICS Academy Assistive Tools are brought to end-users and they can try everything out. For example, endusers can try to control a PC, to surf the web, to make music or to play PC games via the FLipMouse or via one to five buttons connected with the FABI Box. 

In that way the needs of individual persons can be be taken into consideration to discuss or even create possible assistive solutions and adaptions for this person. The feedback we get from the enduser is very important for further improvements of the AsTeRICS Academy Assistive Tools. 

The workshop process is highly flexible, it is always adapted to the needs of the endusers. For planning the workshop process it is important to know beforehand where the main focus should set.  

The AsTeRICS Academy do not believe that technology can solve all problems! Nevertheless, with the capability of controlling a PC one has the potential to participate in work, school and social life, to be a member of the modern communication society, to enjoy leisure activities or to increase his/her personal autonomy.


User workshop in Zimbabwe

Chris Veigl explains AsTeRICS Academy Tools at Enduser Workshop

User testing AsTeRICS Academy Tools

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