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Assistive Tools Workshop

In the AsTeRICS Academy Assistive Tools Workshop you will learn step by step how to build your own FABI (Flexible Assistive Button Interface) on a breadboard with the arduino-compatible Pro Micro microcontroller. Thus, the participants will use the Arduino environment to easily program button functions in order to understand the background of the FABI configuration software provided. After these basics of microcontroller programming the participants learn how to configure the FABI with the configuration software to create alternative input methods. Via a graphical user interface one can choose different functions for buttons connected to the FABI box. In addition, different DIY button solutions will be presented like a self-made button with cardboard and copper foil.

 FABI in different cases

In this guided workshop it is easy to take your first steps with microcontroller programming and to learn about the principles of switches. To provide optimal guidance and material for each participant the number of participants is limited to 15 persons. 

After getting to know the FABI configuration software, the participants will learn how to handle the FLipMouse configuration software as this is very similar to the FABI software. Unfortunately, FLipMice cannot be provided in the workshop. There will be 1-2 FLipMice available to try them out.

Guided FABI workshop


For those who are interested in building a FLipMouse, we recommend the FLipMouse manual which you can find in the AsTeRICS Academy Assistive Tools FLipMouse section. 

For more general information about the AsTeRICS Academy Assistive Tools, visit the AsTeRICS Academy Assistive Tools section. 



The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien and the AsTeRICS Academy project team do not assume any warranty and liability for the functionality of the "Do-it-Yourself" assistive tools and the correctness of the documents and files provided. Additionally, the UAS TW is not liable for any damages to health due to the use of the Assistive Tools which can be developed with the help of the documents provided. The provided software applications and hardware modules are used at own risk!

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